What Parents Are Saying

This has been an amazing experience for my son. He was homeschooled prior to this year and has been accepted into the community at ESLA as if he had been there all along. I am so proud to support the teachers, staff, and volunteers who make this school shine. Thank you for making his 3rd grade year "the best year ever". He looks forward to the years ahead.

C. M.

We currently have 2 children attending ESLA.  Let my Husband and I be the first to tell you this is hands down, the BEST K-5 option in the Port Huron area!  My son and daughter now love school.  They are both excelling beyond the goals that they set for themselves!  The Leader in Me curriculum is an amazing tool that really get the kids, and parents for that matter, on the right track to be organized and ready to learn!  I urge you to visit The Leader in Me section of their website and read all about the 7 Habits.  They are excellent learned habits that will stick with the kids for the rest of their lives!  The school also sends home a monthly newsletter on how to apply the habits into their life at home.  ESLA has Amazing staff who care about each individual child and the way they learn best.  They have the kids set realistic goals for themselves and like I said above, my kids have exceeded these goals already… they have a ton of self-esteem now, and are eager to learn more every day!  If you are looking for a school with “The Total Package” (great kids, great staff, great parents, and great support) look no further.  We would love to have you in the ESLA family! To the lunch ladies, janitors, teachers, secretary, principal and administration… and any staff I missed… THANK YOU for enabling and encouraging our children to be the best they can be!  You are all AMAZING!

Melissa M.

My sons absolutely love school now, and we love everything about it. The staff is fabulous here!

Jessica P.

Today, my daughter started at this school. She came home with a smile, says everyone is so nice and then she thanked me for sending her to this school. Thank you all so much! From the first day I met the staff I knew my daughter's education was just as important to them as it is to me. A weight has been lifted knowing you want to help educate her the way that works best for her. Thank you from my whole family.

Jessica S.

The teachers and staff are excellent. My son loves his school and we are happy with the progress he has made over the past couple of years.

Sandy J.