Camiel King


My name is Camiel King and I am the music teacher at East Shore Leadership Academy. I will also be running student council. Music classes are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week. Student council will meet roughly once a month to do an end of the year project.

Our Music curriculum is always changing as we continue to incorporate Modern Band. All the grades are learning basic music symbols and notation that they would need to further their music experience in high school. Grades K-2 learn through fun music games and dances. Grades 3-8 are also learning through music games and dances while also starting Modern Band instruments (keyboards, guitar, drums, electric bass, and vocals).

I am a recent graduate from Central Michigan University (fire up chips)! I graduated with a Music Education degree with the Instrumental focus. My main instrument that I play is the bassoon, but I also play the piano and have a basic knowledge of how to play all the other instruments. I am from the area, graduating from Port Huron Northern High School in 2014.

I look forward to learning with all the wonderful students at East Shore Leadership Academy! Go Eagles!