What is East Shore Leadership Academy?

East Shore Leadership Academy (ESLA) is a free public charter school of choice for students in grades K-8.

What is a charter school?

Charter schools are “public schools of choice”. East Shore Leadership Academy is an innovative public school that operates under a contract/charter from Northern Michigan University (NMU).

What makes East Shore Leadership Academy different from a traditional public school?

East Shore Leadership Academy is a school that is governed by citizens, parents, educators and the community. East Shore Leadership Academy is free to be innovative in its teaching strategies and learning styles. They can create their own “niche”. East Shore Leadership Academy must meet the educational needs of students or they will lose their charter through NMU.

Who governs East Shore Leadership Academy?

East Shore Leadership Academy will have it’s own governing Board of Directors. The Board members are Recommended to NMU and then approved by NMU. Board members are local community individuals committed to ESLA and its vision and mission.

East Shore Leadership Academy will develop it’s own educational goals, curriculum, delivery of instruction strategies, and methods of assessment and evaluation. Students will also be required to take the State of Michigan assessment.

Is East Shore Leadership Academy accountable to anyone?

Yes. Actually the school has an additional two layers of accountability compared to the traditional public school system:

  1. The ESLA Board of Directors
  2. NMU
  3. Michigan Department of Education
  4. Parents

What will East Shore Leadership Academy emphasize?

  • Safe and nurturing learning environment
  • Small class size
  • Rigorous curriculum
  • Development of each student’s leadership skills
  • Training in etiquette and manners
  • Extended day
  • Extended school year
  • Full day kindergarten
  • Required dress code
  • Lunch program
  • Latchkey program
  • After school activities

Are the teachers at East Shore Leadership Academy qualified to teach?

East Shore Leadership Academy will employ teachers with college degrees and State of Michigan teacher certification. Teachers must be “Highly Qualified”.

How are students selected for East Shore Leadership Academy?

Enrollment for 2017-18 is open to students entering Kindergarten – grade 8. East Shore Leadership Academy may not select its own student population. The school must offer all applicants an equal opportunity to be admitted and may not discriminate against any student or population for any reason.

What if more students want to attend East Shore Leadership Academy than there are student seats available?

East Shore Leadership Academy will establish an open enrollment period and widely advertise the program. Students will be selected randomly if applications exceed enrollment/seat space.

Do parents have to pay tuition for their children to attend East Shore Leadership Academy?

No. East Shore Leadership Academy is authorized and funded by the State of Michigan. East Shore Leadership Academy will receive the same level of State Aid per pupil as the Port Huron Area School District.

When will school begin and what will be the daily schedule and school year calendar?

School will begin the day after Labor Day. The student daily schedule will be 8:00A.M. – 3:30P.M. Monday – Friday and building hours will be 7:30A.M – 4:00P.M. Monday – Friday. The yearly school calendar will contain 180 days (180 day minimum) of instructional time. East Shore Leadership Academy will not provide bus transportation. This will be the responsibility of the parent.

Is there be a dress code at East Shore Leadership Academy?

Yes. All students will have a mandatory dress code. It is the firm belief that if the students are to be leaders in the community they must reflect that through the manner in which they dress. There will be occasional dress-down days. The basic dress code requirement is below:

Permitted attire:

  • School shirts will be polo style shirts that must be one solid color without any logo.
  • Dress slacks will be navy blue, black, khaki or grey worn at the waist. Knee length shorts or Capri in navy blue, black, khaki, or grey are permitted until October 15 and after April 1. Exceptions may be made in the event of unseasonably warm weather.
  • Sweaters or zip-up hoodies must be one solid color without any logo.
  • Girls may wear dress slacks, knee-length shorts, skorts, skirts or jumpers in navy blue, black, khaki, or grey.
  • Socks or tights must be worn at all times.
  • Shoes must have a closed toe.
  • Jewelry may be worn providing it is not distracting and does not present a safety hazard.