4th Grade

Sheri Hulbert


My name is Sheri Abdoo-Hulbert. My students just call me Mrs. H. Every teacher says how much they love teaching. I would rather tell you why. My love for teaching is in response to my dislike for school as a child. I didn’t always have teachers who cared, or didn’t seem like they cared about me. They just went through the motions every day until dismissal. I had two motivated and inspiring teachers in my life. One was my fourth grade teacher. I think this is one of the reasons I am always excited and honored to get the opportunity to teach fourth grade. It allows me to follow my fourth grade teacher’s lead and strive to be like him. My focus is to make school enjoyable so students want to be there. I want to show them that I DO care about each of them.

Aside from teaching I enjoying spending time at home with my husband and two cats. I spend a lot of time in my vegetable garden or crafting. Other interests I have are camping, reading, history (anything WWII), as well as cooking.