Cheryl Kaski


Hello! My name is Cheryl Kaski and I will be teaching music at ESLA! I went to school at Michigan State University (Go Green!) with a focus in music education and vocal performance. I play a bit of guitar, piano, African drums, but my favorite thing to do is sing! Music has provided opportunities for me to perform around the world, meet new people, and bring my family and friends closer together through making music.

Music has many cross overs in learning, however music is also its own discipline. Learning music is similar to learning a language. Every person is born with the ability to communicate as well as learn music. Our potential in music begins to develop even before we are born and is heavily influenced during the earlier years in life. ESLA students will have the opportunity to participate in music class every day. Music classes at ESLA are based upon music learning theory (MLT) which is a researched based theory on how we learn music. To learn more about MLT please visit

ESLA music classes will consist of singing in a variety of modes, moving to diverse meters, playing instruments and of course, singing! During the first weeks of school, 6, 7, and 8th grade students will work with me to develop a music learning curriculum that will be specific to student music preferences and music learning. So, 6, 7, and 8th graders, be sure to come to music with your favorite songs/bands in mind, ready to share! We will listen to, move to, sing to, and analyze a wide variety of songs. We will study the history of Western Culture music as well as music from African and Asian cultures.

Everyone can be a leader in music class.
Music Leaders: Listen, Echo, Analyze, Dance, Enjoy, Rap, Sing!

Remember what it takes to be a music leader and we will have a great year together making music!
Mrs. K